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Buying A Horse Propety

March 28, 2018
Now is the time to start thinking about looking for that dream horse property with My Kansas City Horse Property.

Spring Shopping for a Dream Horse Property

Spring is traditionally the peak time of year for home shopping and buying. It is when home inventory is at its highest making the market more attractive to buyers. It is also a very competitive time for the housing marking. Meaning that with more inventory and more buyers, houses tend to sell more quickly. Those that enter the market looking for their dream horse property and home can do a few things to help them be prepared and to be able to strike when the iron’s hot, or when they find what they want. Create a Horse Property Wish List You may have a vision in your head as to what your dream horse property looks like, but now is a great time to put that picture on paper. Sitting down with a pen and paper and brainstorming all the things your dream home will have is a great way […]
October 11, 2017

4 Tips to Find the Horse Property of your Dreams

Just close your eyes and picture it. That dream horse property you’ve always wanted to call home is easy to imagine. Can you picture yourself gazing out your kitchen window to the rolling, fence-lined pasture of your property with horses grazing blissfully? Of course you can. Finding that property can take some time and work though. There are many additional factors to consider when buying a horse property over a single family home. These 4 tips will get you started on the path to dream horse property ownership. Keep these Tips in Mind when Looking for a Horse Property Identify your needs – That glorious farm you picture in your mind may not be a realistic option. Take some time to consider and jot down your specific needs and desires. Ponder the size you need for what you want to use your land for. Do you need a barn with […]
January 1, 2017

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Horse Property

When you set out to buy a new home, you do plenty of research. You make lists, think about your needs, consider your options, and explore different areas of town. When you buy a horse property, there might be even more questions to consider. If you’re considering purchasing a horse property in the Kansas City area, you’ve probably thought about many factors already, but it never hurts to take a look at a list of ideas to prompt you. I put together a quick list of questions — You may ask these questions of yourself, your family, your agent, and anyone whose opinion you trust.